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ham recipe

Being such a truly delicious and versatile meat, we decided to share with you a selection of the very best ham recipes we've come across in our capacity in the field of recipe collation. Baked ham - glazed or not - has become almost an essential on the best dining room tables at Christmas, and lends itself well to any other social occasion.

Each ham recipe below has been prepared over and over again to ensure the quantities are precise, and the end result is perfect. Please choose your favourite recipe and try it out at home, and let us know how you, your family and friends enjoyed it. And if you have a recipe of your own which you'd like to share with our site, please send it in to us and we'll try it out ourselves, then post it up on the site - all with credit to you, of course!

Enjoy, ham lovers!

  • Baked Ham Recipe

    Simple & delicious - what more could you ask?

  • Ham Glaze Recipe

    This maple ham glaze recipe will transform a simple baked ham into a masterpiece!

  • Ham Soup Recipe

    For a winter warmer that's always a winner, ham & lentil makes a wonderful ham soup recipe.

  • Ham and Cheese Recipe

    The kids will gobble down this ham and cheese recipe with no fuss, every time. A delicious source of protein, carbohydrates and calcium for growing bodies and bones.

  • Ham Salad Recipe

    Instead of another boring lettuce & tomato salad, why don't you WOW your guests with this sensational apple and ham salad recipe?

  • Pea and Ham Soup

    A terrific cool weather ham recipe, this pea and ham soup is a really neat way to use up leftover ham!

  • Honey Baked Ham Recipe

    If you're cooking for a special occasion - or a special someone - then this honey baked ham recipe is sure to please.

  • Glazed Ham Recipe

    A ham glaze recipe that you'll wish you'd found a looooooong time ago...

  • Ham Potato Recipe

    Our own personal winter favourite is this tasty (and easy!) ham and potato recipe. I love crockpot recipes!

  • Baked Beans and Ham Recipe

    You can't beat ham & beans - mmmm!! You & your crockpot will make this winning recipe over and over again!

  • Ham and Cheese Quiche Recipe

    Everybody loves quiche, and this ham & cheese quiche is tried, tested and true - just for you!